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bug rump
"Hands down, a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool release from an outfit you should make every effort to check out. Highly recommended listening."

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Tote Bag
"So, we get bits of the Beatles, Bright Eyes, Syd Barrett and the Flaming Lips, and a sound that’s both psychedelic and sparse — which results in mood hops from trippy to forlorn."

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Russian Racehorse (1997)

Jim Walsh, St. Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch
In addition to producing one of the most entertaining local 'zines around in "The Catch O' the Day the wryly romantic men of Carp 18 have uncorked a solid debut disc that rocks as hard as it bobs, and twangs as sweetly as it croons.

Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide
Russian Racehorse shows that a group of northern boys with guitars can rock out in many ways. Some of the more clever sounds have echoes of irony-infused bands like the Modern Lovers, while the countryfied aggressive style of the band as a whole can make them sound like a backing band for Steve Earle.

Born Not to Run:
More Disrespectful Car Songs

Yes, it's true, Carp 18 received airplay across the nation on NPR's fine show Car Talk. The song, Muscle Car Blues (Tell Me Another) is track #14 on this "fun-to-listen-to" record.

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